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Finding A Permanent Solution Is Our Ultimate Goal!

The ‘Mission’ of our Company is continued incremental business expansion, striving always to improve the services that we provide.
By this means we seek the security and prosperity of all associated with ‘Golden Line’, our customers, suppliers and staff alike.

Golden Line Factory carries out market surveys to find out customers’ needs. This information allows taking the necessary steps to develop those new services that will meet such demand.

All produced with a clear focus on the customer’s requirements and attention to detail.
We believe only in printing services of highest quality, using only the finest raw materials. Environment is another important concern of Golden Line Factory; we do our best to be friendly with the environment.

Since our concept, ‘Golden Line’ has enjoyed incremental business growth and now commands a prestigious reputation in the market, based upon the integrity of our dealings with our customers and the High Quality of printing and service that we provide.

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